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Photo Express.com become Canistyl : immortalizes your passion !

Your loyal companion is part and parcel of your life and a full member
of your family. But, have you ever thought of immortalizing some of
those special and unique moments that your dog offers you? And that you
know will never come back?

CANISTYL has specialized in portraying those special moments and are on
the spot during dog shows, agility and other canine competitions, dog
school training etc., in order to realize high-quality and original
photos of…. Your Dog!

Once you have selected the photos you prefer, CANISTYL realizes a very
beautiful, artistic and original photomontage and prints it on (nearly)
any item you might choose such as
T-shirts, sweat-shirts, caps, mugs, bags, CDs etc…

That way, you will always have a marvellous souvenir of that very
special moment with
Your Dog.

CANISTYL, the canine photographer that immortalizes your passion.

Jacket Snyder Sofshell Man

Veste Savannah

Unisex Parka Jacket

Jacket white columbus

Veste Carabelle

jacket white burney

School case

phone case

health record case


long sleeves print teeshirt

Tee-Shirt Print Lady Apricot

child teeshirt

Teeshirt Print Women's Tank Top

teeshirt print red collar

teeshirt print black collar

Tee-Shirt Harvest Pro Job

Tee-shirt Harvest Anti-Perspirant

Tee-Shirt Forclaz Lady

Mouse Pad

Sweat-Shirt Print with hood

On Photo Paper little

on photo paper Great


Scratch 8x16cm

Scratch 5x16cm par paire

Scratch 5x16cm

Scratch 5x11cm

Scratch 3x11cm par paire

Scratch 3x11cm

Scratch 2x8cm par paire

Scratch 2x8cm

Without Hood Unisex

fanny pack



Polo St Annes Lady

Polo Birkdale Man

Harvest Fleece Sleeveless

Harvest FleeceMan With sleeves

Harvest Fleece Lady With Sleeves

aluminum plate A4

aluminum plate A3

aluminum plate 13 * 18

Small Handbag

Sun Visor x2

Black mug

Magic Mug

mug interior color

white mug